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Healthcare has been at the forefront of a national debate that has grabbed headlines for years. But what hasn’t improved in all of this is access to affordable care. Access Healthcare is answering the call with direct primary care, which gives patients in Apex, North Carolina, quality care at reduced costs by cutting out pricey third-party insurers. For more information, call or use the online scheduling tool to request a consultation.

Direct Primary Care Q & A

What is direct primary care?

Access Healthcare is leading the charge in revolutionizing the healthcare industry through an innovative direct primary care (DPC) practice model that improves healthcare quality while also reducing costs. The program is designed for both employers and individuals and works by removing the “middleman” (insurance companies) from the relationship between patient and physician.

In doing this, there are no third-party insurance companies driving up costs or controlling medical decisions, allowing Access Healthcare to make the patient’s best interest the priority.

Through this type of free-market medicine, Access Healthcare delivers comprehensive primary care services through a simple and affordable fixed monthly subscription fee. There’s no copay, no deductible, no prior authorizations, and no insurance required.

Do I still need insurance?

Under the DPC program, the doctors at Access Healthcare provide most of your basic healthcare needs. However, they do recommend that you still carry insurance in case of a catastrophic illness or accident.

The idea is to use this health insurance for unexpected and expensive problems while Access Healthcare takes care of 90% of your healthcare needs at a lower cost than an insurance-based medical practice can.

What are the main benefits for patients?

There are many benefits to eliminating the control and cost of a third-party insurance carrier, including:

  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs for most patients
  • Plenty of quality time with your provider
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Shorter wait times
  • E-visits, including video visits over your smartphone
  • Emphasis on health and wellness rather than just sick care 

Ultimately, this type of care is far more personalized, allowing you to build a relationship with your doctor at Access Healthcare that will serve you well for years to come.

How does the fee system work?

Under the DPC program, you pay a monthly subscription cost. There are different levels so you can choose the one that’s right for your situation. By setting up the system this way, DPC minimizes or eliminates the fee-for-service incentives found in primary care. These incentives cloud healthcare decision-making by rewarding more procedures, unnecessary testing, inappropriate referrals, and fruitless treatments versus simply keeping patients healthy.

DPC replaces the “only get paid when the doctor does something to you” strategy with a simple monthly fee that allows your doctor at Access Healthcare to provide all of your primary care services at a much lower cost.

To explore the benefits of direct primary care further, call or fill out the online form to request an appointment.



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"Dr. Forrest has been a godsend to my family. He is an extraordinary doctor and an extraordinary human being. I could never thank him enough for all that he has done."

"I have used a (Direct Primary Care Practice) for eight years and the care that the Doctor and his staff provides is excellent."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Forrest since 2011 and..have overall vastly improved health and feel great knowing that I have Dr. Forrest on my side."



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