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Types of Primary Care Physicians

It can be incredibly confusing to know exactly who to contact with a specific ailment. We are all familiar with the situation where we see a doctor and quickly get referred to a different physician. Some specialists we didn’t even know existed. 

To help you understand the difference between specialists, our Primary Care Physician in Apex, NC discusses all the types of Primary Care Practitioners (PCPs) that you might come across.

Family Medicine Doctors

These doctors can care for the whole family. This is what our Apex Primary Care is doing. Family Doctors see children, middle-aged adults, and older adults. They know the family history and if someone gets sick, they will be your first port of call. If you have any doubts about who to contact, contact your family doctor – they will give you advice and (if necessary) refer you to an appropriate specialist.


Pediatricians specialize in children’s health – children up to the age of 18. This is a rough number, many people continue seeing their pediatrician until their early 20s. The pediatric specialty is essential, because children’s bodies are still growing, developing and changing, so any treatment option must take that into account. 

Internal Medicine Doctors

Internal Medicine Doctors are often referred to as Internists. These physicians specialize in providing care to adults. Similar to pediatricians, an internal doctor is a necessary specialty because most adults develop common age-related conditions, or suffer from similar lifestyle-related injuries/ailments.

Internal Medicine-Pediatric Doctors

These doctors are essentially 2 types in one. They are board-certified both in pediatrics and internal medicine. Often referred to as med-peds doctors, they take care of children and adults. 


OB-GYN doctors are different from the above, because instead of focusing on the whole body and being distinguished by the age of their patients, they specialize in women’s reproductive health. The name comes from their specialty in obstetrics and gynecology. This specialty means that they provide care during pregnancy and birth and care with things like birth control, menopause, and preventative screenings. 

apex primary care

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