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Why do you need a Primary Care Physician?

Having a trusted Primary Care Physician (PCP) who you can turn to whenever an injury or ailment arises brings about many benefits. Benefits to you, your loved ones and the society! 

A US-based study published in January 2019 compared the quality and experience of outpatient care for adults with, or without primary care. They found that adults with primary care were around 40% more likely to fill their prescriptions and over 23% more likely to have a routine preventive visit in the past year, compared to those without a PCP. 

Also, 11% more patients received high-value cancer screenings when they had PCPs. AND those with PCPs expressed greater satisfaction with their healthcare access and experience!

At Apex Primary Care we understand that statistics don’t appeal to everyone. Therefore, we compiled a list of 3 reasons why you should have a PCP that will surely convince you to contact us today!

Versatility of services

There are many types of PCPs out there who have different specializations. The specialization can depend on the age of the patient, their gender, or the condition. These include:

  • Family practitioners – care for patients of all ages
  • Pediatricians – care for babies, children, and teens
  • Internists – care for adults, and sometimes older teens
  • Adolescent medicine specialists – pediatricians, or internists with additional training in caring for teens
  • Combined internal medicine and pediatric specialists – trained to be able to treat young patients and adults, allowing them to continue seeing their patients as they grow
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists – specialized in women’s health issues, independent of the patient’s age
  • Nurse practitioner, or Physician Assistant – sometimes the main provider a child sees at a doctor’s office

As all PCPs, these specialists will be your first port of call when a medical condition arises that isn’t an emergency. 

Our Family Primary Care Physician, Apex offers a variety of services relevant to different patients. These include Direct Primary Care, Hypertension Control, High Cholesterol Management, and a Wellness Exam. 

Perfect understanding of your health and lifestyle

Having a trusted, highly qualified PCP is key to building a good long-term relationship. Staying with the same PCP for many years, and even having your whole family registered with that practice means that they will know everything they need to know about your health, lifestyle, and wellbeing. They will understand your concerns and maybe even notice changes before you do! 

The Harvard Health Publishing explains that those with complicated needs or chronic medical conditions benefit the most from a PCP team that can help with all aspects of their healthcare. 

Reduced costs

At Apex Primary Care we guarantee reduced costs, either by eliminating the control and cost of third party insurance carriers or by providing them with convenience, availability, and a long-term improvement in their well-being. More specifically our patients benefit from:

  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs 
  • Plenty of quality time with the provider
  • Same-day appointments
  • Shorter wait times
  • E-visits, including video visits over the smartphone
  • Emphasis on health and wellness rather than just sickness care

Furthermore, a study published by the NCBI states that people with PCPs save 33% on health care in comparison to people who only see specialists. Others found that every $1 increase in spending on primary care results in $13 in overall savings. 

Now that you know how much you can gain from having a Primary Care Physician, what is stopping you from reaping these benefits?

apex primary care

Learn more about our Primary Care Physician in Apex, NC!

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